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With this web you can generate totally secure passwords

ClaveSegura is a web portal where we can find a very useful tool that will allow us to generate secure passwords according to the patterns we introduce. As we have already indicated more than once, passwords are very important when creating a user account on any website, program or application.

We can either select the type of characters we want in the password, or we can choose the length within a strip of 4 characters and 20 characters long. Here is the list of the types of characters we can choose:

  • Letters and numbers
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • All characters
  • Easy to remember

Personally I recommend all characters and a length of twelve, where we will get things like “A [m | m + Igqhsp”, which obviously are not very easy to remember but not to hack. And not everything has to be avoiding hacking, as there are also other methods by which they can discover our password.

These methods are, for example, to be attentive to when you write them. As we see is a very rudimentary method and little computer, but we also have to take it into account when choosing a password. If someone sees that we typed “123456” to enter Facebook will obviously remember the password given its ease. This and computer attacks is what we try to avoid with a password generator.