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How to anchor conversations in Telegram


Since December 2016 we have the possibility to anchor conversations in Telegram, and is something that not many people know. It allows us to always keep up with a thumbtack what we want. Of course, if we have so many chats that occupy the screen we will not know when a new message has arrived or we will have to be scrolling constantly, so that Telegram has put a maximum of five chats anchored.

The ideal is to have an emergency contact or some contact we use constantly, and otherwise not use this function for anything else, because as I say if you have many chats anchored you are going to have a bad time using the instant messaging application.

As long as we have the official version and as long as it is updated and exceeds Telegram 3.15, we can anchor any conversation. If we do not have an official version installed, we will not be able to ensure that it is possible, because each developer decides to include it and what not.

Hold and anchors

Hold and anchors telegram

In both the desktop version and the mobile version we will only have to keep pressed and give it anchor. Holding down translates to right clicking if we are using a computer. The last conversation we add is the one that will be positioned in the first position and obviously will decrease if we add more.

As we will see in the image above, all those chats that are anchored will be shown with an icon of a thumbtack to differentiate them.

The anchored chats will be synchronized and if we anchor one will do it in all the sessions that we have open, something that I personally do not like anything, because I would like to decide who I am in each of the sessions, as it may be that Telegram in the PC to use it to work, for example, while on the mobile phone use it for the personal theme.